Amar Tufo - Where was city of Akkad?

We all know the story of Atlantis, the legendary lost continent that once existed somewhere in the Atlantic ocean, but was sank, according to Greek philosopher Plato, around 9000 BC to the bottom of Atlantic ocean. Besides Atlantis, there are countless others mysterious lost cities that have never been found and for which many of you have probably never heard off.

Written by: Amar Tufo
(BA) archaeologist
9. August 2020

Legendary city of Akkad was once a capital of mighty Akkadian kingdom, the world first super power. City was built probably around 3 Millennium BC by the Sargon the Great, who established there the seat of a royal dynasty which lasted almost 150 years. City’s location is still unknown but most archaeologist believe that it lay somewhere on the left bank of Tigris river. The mighty Akkadian kingdom was later destroyed by the Gutians, a tribe from western Zagros mountain who destroyed the Akkad as well, in turn establishing their own dynasty which will rule the Mesopotamia from 2199 – 2119 BC.


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